“Girls Go Country!”

A gathering of likeminded women who want a break from the responsibilites of life. They bring friends, enjoy country life, partake in activities, and have a few laughs together.


Trekking – BYO horses

Gather a group of friends book the bunkhouse and ride the marked trails at your own pace, come back to create good country fare n dance the night away.

Clydesdale Experience

Experience the lost art of working with these magnificent animals. Cover the basic requirements of heavy horse care, harness, and driving. Specialised workshops on agricultural work and wheeled vehicles are available by request.

Horse Play

Relax with your horsey buddies, camping and enjoying a laugh or two.
Daily challenges may include trekking through farmland and forest, river swims, western skills, barrel racing, driving Clydesdales, hoofball or take the kiwi gal challenge!

The rest of the time you can chill out, share a drink, chew the fat and hang out with likeminded people.


Dare to explore your wildside!
How often we hear “I’ve always wanted to go hunting but I’ve got no-one to take me!” Well ladies “HERES YOUR CHANCE!
We start with firearm safety and target shooting before our careful country gals take you hunting for wild pigs, deer, or other pests such as possums, goats n’ rabbits. Not for sissies, yes you’ll climb a hill or two but its not hard core, and once you’ve bagged your prey, you’ll strut home to tell everyone about it! (Trust us they go green with envy!)

Farming Skills for Women

Land girls did it – you can too! Have a go at:

  • Drafting / crutching / drenching sheep
  • Working a working dog
  • Fencing
  • Farm maintenance
  • Gathering and cooking farm produce

All under guidance of country girls who have been there and done that!

Working Dogs

Learn about different types of working dogs, what’s required to care for and work them, and how to start training a young dog.


Would you like to have a go at shearing a sheep?
Learn about the gear required, shearing and wool handling.

Hens Parties

Taukoro Farm is an ideal spot for ladies to let their hair down. There are no fun police out here, and the tables are built for dancing on, so book the place out and enjoy yourself.

Corporate Team Building or Workshops

Let us know if you would like to run or attend a workshop weekend at the Taukoro Farm and the girls can sort something out for you. Just head over to the contact page and let us know your requirements.